Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Productivity and the lack thereof

Ever feel as though you have a bazillion projects to do, or even just things to get done, and all that seems to get accomplished is about half of all of them? That's where I am today. I have four days left of Christmas break, and have managed to complete approximately zero tasks that I had planned on finishing. Funny how you tend to think that there will be oh so much time to get things done "if only I had a few days off of work to tackle some projects." Funny because there isn't ever that much time!

I am an avid list maker, and did not make a specific list in writing of the various things that I wished to get done over the holiday. Maybe this is my quandary. That being said, here is the list as of today:
  • clean out craft room
  • assemble quilt scraps to backing
  • clean out Em's room
  • clean out Ab's room
  • clean out my closet
  • sort CD/DVD library
  • lesson plans for January
  • plan meal plan for January
  • make/freeze casseroles and sauces for January/February
  • sort game closet
  • arrange basement to make room for shelving units
Now that I have a list, perhaps I will be more diligent in conquering the tasks at hand! Doubtful, but I will try!!!

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