Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Unresolved in 2014

New Year's Day is THE day. The day that so many of us resolve to change our lives and our selves for the better. If I were to actually list all of the things that I need to change, we'd be here for days. No lie. Maybe weeks. Like much of the world population (only 8% according to Forbes magazine), I have never been good at keeping or achieving resolutions. So this year, I am not making any. Resolutions, that is. Changes, on the other hand, I would definitely like to see. Like being a better, more consistent blogger. 

Some of the areas that I want to see a shift in, and that I plan to blog more about, are (in no specific order)...

  • my body (and body image), of course
    • with the help of Plexus Slim
    • hitting up the gym more consistently
  • productivity
    • accomplishing things at all times...even when sitting still (crafts, blogging, school work)
    • FINISHING what I start
  • my relationship with God
    • has been non-existent, and I am ready for that to change
  • myself in my marriage
    • hard to's a blogpost in itself
  • my savings account!
  • myself in my profession
    • TESS
    • self-fulfillment
    • if I am better at what I do, my students are better at what they do, right?
  • socialization
    • I have no life
    • I need to get a life
  • being more organized
    • streamlining my household
    • a more organized classroom (oh, that closet of mine)
  • being a better parent
And the list could go on and on, but I will cease and desist with those. The first bloggy change you may notice is that I hope to do a Sunday Strategy every week. This weekly post will help me stay on track with a plan for each week. I already spend Sunday evenings doing school planning, why not add an hour devoted to 'life' planning? 

If you have resolutions, what are they? Are you a resolution keeper or a resolution breaker?

Oh, and 

Happy New Year 2014!!!

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