Saturday, December 14, 2013

Shiver Me Timbers!!!

Y'all. It's been cold. Real cold. We've been having horribly cold weather conditions for the last week. You never really know what the weather will be like in Arkansas. It changes drastically by the day, sometimes by the hour. So two weeks ago, we had 79 December! Then last week the forecasters began calling for snow and ice. Huh. Wednesday night it was rather misty, but not near cold enough for what they were saying was coming. However, if anyone mentions snow or ice in Arkansas, everyone and their grandpa's uncle goes to the store to buy bread and milk. Seriously. The shelves and refrigerators in ALL stores are bare...
Photo: As the winter ice storm approaches, River Valley residents are stocking up on necessities and leaving store shelves bare. This photo is from Harps in Russellville and was just taken by Onala Morales.
and usually there is no inclement weather.
Such was not the case this time. They were right. The weather got bad. My school (30 minutes away from my home) was cancelled for Thursday, even though it didn't start precipitating until late Thursday afternoon. Once it started though...sheesh.

So in our hometown, Lefty and Boo missed 2 and a half days of school. My school was out for three days. In Northwest Arkansas (about 2 hours away), schools were out for 5 - 7 days! That's just crazy around here. We don't normally get more than an inch or two at a time...this time, totals were from 2 - 10 inches around the state. Our area was mostly ice, with a few inches of snow on top of it. It was just enough to make the world stand still for a few blissful days! And now, they are calling for another "Arctic Blast" a week from today! It hasn't been above 40 degrees in over 10 days, next week is expected to be in the 60s, finishing up the week with temperatures in the teens and single digits. Brrrrr.
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