Friday, March 22, 2013

Nearing the End

The end of Spring Break 2013. It has been a busy one!

  • Doctor visits. One on Tuesday, for me...I'm not sick, I will fill you in on that one in June. Today was one for Lefty. She has these weird 'bumps' on her legs...apparently they are due to some sort of auto-immune issue that she is having bloodwork done to determine the exact cause. Doc thinks they are harmless. God, I hope so.

  •  Gardening (when it hasn't been precipitating winter weather)

Planting seeds in my seed starter kit. There's a lot of seeds in there.

Found 5 onion sprouts coming up already!!! 

  • Spring cleaning. We managed to get the kids to cull 9 bags and 4 boxes of crap to get rid of out of their rooms. Can you say Hoarders? It was just a matter of time before someone had us put on the show for an intervention.

  • Couponing!!! I have saved $101.15 this week using coupons, and I only bought items that were non-perishable and that we would have bought anyway. Nothing in excess and nothing that we don't normally use already.
  • It was also important to me to keep working at my path to weight loss. I have been eating frozen diet meals for lunch, and thankfully they are yum! None are more than 320 calories, which is awesome, and I am always full after.

The rest of my break will be spent working on school stuff, finishing up the cleaning (we fired the cleaning lady...will post about that later, gator), hitting up a talent show that Lefty has insisted on doing, and trying to just chill a bit. Hopefully, I will manage to get some blog-surfing in too!

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