Sunday, February 3, 2013

Topanga Got Tagged

Sounds dirty, eh? I suppose it could be considered as such. It's actually pretty hilarious.

Last night, while we were at the concert, Boo texts me and says that Lefty is giving boys directions to our house. Strange thing, since the girls were at their dad's and no one was home. Obviously, I texted Lefty to find out what was up. Two of her guy friends had...get this...called her and...wait for it...asked permission to tag Topanga. Topanga is the Honda Accord that we got Lefty for Christmas. AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Asked permission?!?! I was rolling on the floor laughing, and only partly because of the amount of SoCo in my system. 
Lefty and Topanga, love at first sight

So it was no surprise that when we got home a couple of hours later, the dirty deed had been done. I am sure that she will go through many more moments of terror in the coming years. Poor Topanga.

And the one that takes the cake!
I suspect retaliation will be in order.
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