Monday, February 18, 2013

Shopping, Spa Day, and Hogs...Oh My!

This evening wraps up what was a four and half day weekend for me. It was lovely!


  • half-day at work, setting up Valentine's Day activities for kinders
  • enjoyed my wild kinders as they showered me with gifts and cards
  • last pep rally performance for the year for Boo, East/West game to close season
pep rally theme: kiss the pig. poor little piggie

  • re-check at doctor with Lefty for her migraines and back injury
  • great report! We don't go back for a year, unless she has trouble.
  • lunch with Lefty and a sweet friend...we had...PASTA!!!
  • three hour nap (don't judge, my aunt was visiting)
  • Hubs and I snuck away for a couple of days
  • shopping...jeans two sizes smaller and new bras because the ta-tas are shrinking fast
  • dinner at Texas Land and Cattle...usually love this place, but a bit disappointing this time
  • a quick run into Charming Charlie; why didn't I think of a color coded accessory store???
  • movies at the Malco to see...

(gonna hafta read it again. not sure if I was impressed or not)


  • took a drive through some pretty neighborhoods in Bentonville and Fayetteville. Love it in NWA.
  • lunch at Red Robin...yummmmmm (hear me singing that?)
  • on to Baum Stadium for opening weekend of Razorback Baseball!!!

couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day

Tailgating at its finest...take a closer look below.
Read some scripture (it was Sunday, after all) and grab a beer.

Say a prayer...

and call those Hogs!!!

is there anything more awesome than this???

Wooooo Pig Sooiiee!!!


  • took Boo to an appointment
  • SPA DAY!!! I'm a ginger (redhead) again!!!
How was your weekend? If it was half as blessed as mine, then it must've been fantastical!!!
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