Thursday, February 28, 2013

Playing Basketball

Basketball - Nothing but Net!  My dad used to say "Aim for up and over the rim!"  Now, I know when it leaves my hands if it is going in or not.  When it swishes from the the 3 point line all is right with my world :)

School sports tend to overlap and run together a little bit, so as a cheer family, we are constantly on athletic overload. I used to love football, but since my Knight introduced me to live basketball, I just might be a convert. Around here, junior high (8th and 9th grades) and high school (10th - 12th grades) basketball began in early December and just finished up Tuesday night. I will miss it. It's the only place in the world that I like the sound of squeaky shoes. On top of the two cheerleaders, The Boy played basketball this year also through the church program, Upward. The season ended for him Friday night. It was his last year to play for that league, as next year, he will be in 7th grade, which begins the school sponsored athletics programs in Arkansas.

This year, The Boy did really well. He did not play last year, so we were a little concerned about if he had fallen behind in ability level in comparison to the other boys, but he really was on track with everyone else. I was only able to see him play once, and from what my Knight says, The Boy just kept improving with every game. The Boy says it's because we bought him magic socks.
Now, I don't know about magic socks, but I do know The Boy is not typically real graceful, so he could be on to something. He started the season like a blonde boss...
And finished the season like this.
He must not have been wearing those magic socks when he fell doing the Wobble in the bathroom.
 Another little man I went to watch play a game was one of my kinders. Now this game was hilarious! These babies could shoot, and a couple of them could handle the ball...but they couldn't always remember which basket they were shooting for! Isn't he a doll?!?!

Check out that form!
 School sports is a whole new level of play. I am anxious for The Boy to start playing 'real ball' next year. In the meantime, while wearing my Cheer Mom badge, I have watched a lot of kiddos that aren't mine (but most might as well be, I've known them all since they were kinderkids). These high school boys have a very young team (only 2 upperclassmen are on starting line up), and as they grow and develop their talent...they are going to be phenomenal to watch. The Freshmen athletes coming up are going to bring even more natural ability to the team. High school had a losing season, but the wins were always right there, hovering just out of reach.

Triple threat, right there. I bet they have magic socks too.
Now...these Freshmen that I spoke of earlier? Whoa. They finished the season on Monday night as Conference Champions. It was fan-freakin-tastic! Combine these two teams and all hell will break loose.

 Newspaper pic and cutting down the game net...

The student section rushing down to the team after the big WIN!
And of course, you can't have basketball without phenom cheerleaders! Both of the girls are on extremely talented school squads. Both have elite tumblers and the young ones love to fly. I LOVE watching them. There is talk of both junior high and senior high going competitive next year, and I can't wait!!!
Cutie patootie!
...with her Momma

Boo is the base on the left side of the center stunt group (left side base on pics above too)

 And the varsity girls...

Lefty in her element.
She is the base in the center stunt group on the right side below

Ever since I was in a cute little RHS uniform, after every varsity boys win, football and basketball, the team rushes into the crowd and leads the cheerleaders and student used to get me wound up and ready for the after-parties, but now as a Momma and alumni, it makes my heart swell and brings the sting of tears to my eyes...
 "Hell yeah! V-I-C-T-O-R-Y, that's the Cyclone battle cry!!!"
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