Friday, July 20, 2012


is how many days I have been alive. To further break that down for you, it is 297,840 hours. Mercy, that's a lot. Today is my 34th birthday. It's funny how bad 30 was for me...I cried every day for the entire week leading up to the big day, and didn't leave the house on the actual day, but once it was over I was good. Since then, birthdays haven't been a big deal. They never really were, except for that one. It makes me wonder how 35, 40, 45, and 50 will be. I would imagine 35 will be terrific, because I have every intention of getting to my ideal weight by then and being rewarded with a set of ta-tas! I have wanted to have them done for forever, but don't want to do it while I feel this way about myself. ANYWHO...enough of the rambling!

Yesterday, the cleaning lady was here, so the kids and I loaded up to let her do her thing. We got so much done: renewed my driver's license (yuck), stopped by AT&T, had lunch at a friend's coffee house (I should post about that neat little place later), hit up the print shop for some school copies (highway robbery at 0.75 per copy), got the girls' eyebrows done, went to the bank, then stopped at Hastings and Wal-Mart. While we were at Hastings, I was looking for specific children's books for my classroom. The kids all entertained themselves (or so I thought) while I scoured the bookshelves. I ended up finding 17 books for less than $100! Score!!! In the meantime, the herd had already made their purchases and were waiting on me at the door. Next was Wally-World. Ugh. My husband's company manufactures the push locks for the external doors for Wal-Mart, so they basically pay our bills and I should love them...but I certainly do not enjoy going there!!! Anyway, I had to pick up my contacts and then a few random things. I sent the posse on their way to destroy look at whatever they were going to destroy look at. Of course, once again, they all had purchases to make.

We got home, and they immediately barred me from the craft room. Apparently, those purchases were all birthday presents for me! Do I have sweet kids or what? Each one spent money they had been saving on their own. When Hubby got home from work, they made him take them AGAIN to buy a few more things. I tried to convince them that it would be just another day, but they were enjoying themselves too much. It's the first year that ALL of them have put thought into purchasing something for me individually, coming up with gifts on their own. It was so special! We went to dinner at the MIL's favorite meal...spaghetti!!! Two plates later and a slice of key lime pie brought us back home for a movie and presents. We opened gifts last night because all four babies go to their other homes for the weekend today. Here is what they came up with...
All of their goodies for me! Totally lovin' the quilted bag that I will have my name embroidered on!

Close up of the owl The Boy drew for me (I love owlies! My classroom is covered in them!)

Owl contact case, freakin' adorable! Owlie key caps. oh. m. gee. And Hobby Lobby giftcard. 
Tomorrow, my Knight is taking me out per my birthday request to dinner the *school supply store*! Hooray! 

*disclaimer* yes I know that this and my excitement about it completely classifies me as a nerd. I'm nerdly and I know it.

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