Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Stockings Were Hung...

but it is the first year that we have no one at home that believes in Santa Claus. Kinda strange. We knew it was coming. Soon. But now that it is here, it feels odd. Do we still write 'Santa' on some gifts? Just for the sake of doing it? My mom always did. Do we even mention it? They haven't really SAID anything to us about it, but enough comments have been made...we asked around, confirmed our suspicions...and now it just feels weird. Truly, it will make some things easier...but still. It's SANTA!

We put up the stockings anyway...and still, they haven't said the 's' word...

We decorated the trees...all seven of them...and still nary a word...
Chris's Hog tree
My purple tree
Kiddo's traditional tree
Lou's random colors tree
The Boy's fishing tree
Boo's Angels of Dance tree

Lefty's musical tree
We set out the Christmas dinnerware...and you guessed mention of the jolly big guy...

Our nativity scene is set up in the entry again...I know they believe in this!

The set is from Home Interiors, circa 1981...a relic from my childhood !
Even amidst the annual making of ornaments, door decorating, paintings, Christmas shopping, and present one has said a word about St. Nicholas' existence. Maybe for our own sake, nothing will be said and we can continue to pretend that they believe...

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