Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's a Bird, It's a Plane...No, it's...

my Christmas break flying by!

It will be super hard to go back to school on Monday, since my kiddos don't go back until Thursday! I was happy that I got some good reading in though...I read the entire Hunger Games series last week. It was so good! The movie will be fantastic!

Anyway, we have been so busy during our time "at home." I have hit the gym 7 of the last 10 days. Go me! Lefty usually goes with me, but her time available for workouts will be slim when school starts up again because of cheer. Basketball season ends in a month though, so that should free up some time for her. She had a winter semi-formal to go to on our first day home. She went looking like this...

The very next day we hosted our first round of Christmas. It was a giant spaghetti supper with hubby's family. There were a few minor mishaps (spaghetti in the floor...twice, and a broken dish), but it was pretty perfect. As anti-social as I am, I always love hosting get togethers at our house. This was a great pic of all the kids!

On Monday, I got mah hair did. That and a trip to Wal-Mart took pretty much the whole day. Tuesday brought 9 teen-agers to our house for a 'movie night.' They didn't watch a single movie.

After that, the week was spent wrapping gifts and getting ready for the rest of our Christmases. In all, we had four, and they were all terrific! We went to my dad's on Friday, where this little guy and his big gift were the spotlight all night...he kept asking...'open pehsents now? I eat, open pehsents?'

Then there was Christmas with my mom at our nephew 'Little Boy' loves opening matter whose they are!

And Christmas morning, before kiddos took over, looked like...

After kiddos, it looked like Christmas threw up in our living room!

My precious family gave me some great gifts! 

This was all of our trash after the big day...

And on the day after Christmas, hubs and I had a shopping date! I always treasure the days he and I get to spend out and about (or just home) alone together.We braved the crowds (which were really pretty non-existent), a pouring rain, and had PF Chang's for lunch. Yum! This was the haul for the trip home...

The girlies and hubby worked together to put the new net on the trampoline. They told me to blog it.

 Then, maybe best day of all...perfect hubby built me shelves so that I could finally organize my craft room! He says he will build some more to finish it. I was so excited to get it situated the way I wanted and to have workable work spaces for quilts and other crafts.

 The two newest additions to my wreath stash are these. But I actually sold the last one! Woo hoo!

There are only three days left of my break. I imagine half of one will be spent at school, the rest...who knows!

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