Sunday, October 9, 2011

Challenge Day 22/30...Changes

Everyone goes through changes at different intervals during their life. My mom always insists that physical change comes in ten year time frames. It might not necessarily be at 20, 30, 40, and so on...perhaps your ten years is 23, 33, and 43 or 26, 36, and 46. Mine seems to be the eights. At age 8, I began my period. Yes I know. TRAGIC. At 18, I began having seasonal allergies. 28 brought back problems. There have been other minor things in between those ten year break downs, such as eye-sight, weight fluctuations, bladder changes, etc. However, the major ones that have had life altering effects have occurred every ten years.
me, circa 2009
The last two years have brought about many changes for me, both physically and personally. Physically, my back has worsened (there is the potential for a fusion in my future); my allergies are horrendous in the fall and spring; I have to pee three or four times during the workday (I used to go before and WAS the bladder of steel); there is an extra 35 pounds on my 5'1" frame; my bedtime is now no later than 9:30 during the week, 11:00 on the weekends!
Me, circa 2011
Personally, I have married my soul mate, making life infinitely more sweet. That alone has given me a sense of security, contentment, comfort, and joy that I have never known. In living with him, I am learning to be a better person. During the last year, I have become more patient with the kids, definitely more capable of biting my tongue instead of blowing up; my skills at communication with the kids have become much better...slower to react, quicker to think and rationalize; it is more important to me to divide my time wisely and equally among everyone; and I know now that I must take time for myself (something that I never did before).

I believe that I have matured over the last couple of years. I don't care so much about going out and partying or being loud and rowdy. I do love to just be at home. My love for creating things has been, crafting, sewing. I make time for what is important: Chris, kids, family, me. Things that are not as important do not take precedence any longer. So many changes in such a short time make me wonder what other changes are due to come my way in the NEXT two years?

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