Sunday, October 2, 2011

Challenge Day 15/30...Tumblr?

For the 15th day of this challenge, I am supposed to talk about my favorite Tumblrs. To be perfectly honest, before this challenge, I had never heard of a Tumblr. Needless to say, I Googled it. I don't have a favorite. I'm not even sure that I like it. I am too much of a word nerd. I like to know what people have to SAY...with WORDS. I didn't see a lot of wordage on Tumblr. I saw a lot of photos, video clips, one-liners. Not too much to interest me.

On a much more exciting note, I am going to be taking a quilting class!!! I have been watching our local craft store for notices about quickie classes coming up that might interest me, and lo' and behold...a quilting class! It begins on Saturday, and I am beyond thrilled. I think about it and start getting bouncy and anxious for it to start! I will get to spend 4 hours for the next three Saturdays learning to quilt. I have made a quilt before, but it was nothing fancy. I want to learn to do it right! Not to mention the fact that I NEVER do things like that for me, because it is something that I just enjoy doing. Usually things that I do are things that everyone else wants to do. Oh, and my mom is taking the class with me. It should be a fun time. We used to craft together a lot when I was at home. :-)

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