Thursday, September 29, 2011

Challenge Day 12/30...My Day in Bullets

Bullets of the written variety, NOT the kind that cause tragedy and mayhem! Today is Thursday, which means it is a wildly hectic day...

  • 5:15 slapping the alarm clock
  • 5:23 lumbering sleepily towards the shower
  • 5:50 waking up Lefty and Boo
  • 6:45 heading out the door
  • 7:20 arriving at work
  • 8:00 kinders come to class
  • 8:15 working with kinders in small groups
  • 8:45 whole group instruction
  • 9:55 send kinders to recess
  • 10:20 bring kinders in from recess
  • 10:40 lunch with the kinders
  • 11:10 whole group instruction
  • 12:45 send kinders to computer lab
  • 1:30 take kinders to snack
  • 1:50 NAP for the kinders (but not for me!)
  • 2:30 send kinders to recess
  • 3:00 take kinders to the buses!!!
  • 3:30 heading home 
  • 4:00 home for a pit stop!
  • 5:45 picking up Boo from volleyball
  • 6:00 dropping Boo off at dance
  • 6:15 having dinner and an hour and a half alone with my Knight (woot woot)
  • 7:45 picking up Boo from dance
  • 8:00 home again for another pit stop
  • 8:30 blogging!!!
  • at some point in the next two hours, I will be running in to town to pick Lefty up. She had to cheer at an away football game tonight. It is the first game I've missed (ever)...but had to get Boo from ball to dance! I hope to hear all about it!
This is a pretty typical day, except that hubs and I don't usually get that much time alone together during the week. It's just that it's Thursday. Usually Thursdays are worse, because the football games have all been at home so far this year. That means that I have to drop Lefty off at 5:30, pick Boo up at 5:45, drop Boo off at 6, go to the game for a little bit, pick Boo up at 7:45, and make it back to the game by 8:00 to catch Lefty's performances for cheer and band. The game being away has eased things up for us this week, and hopefully I will be in bed by 11 tonight!!!

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