Friday, June 3, 2011

It'll Be Like Oh Yah Boom In My Mouth

said my niece about the fourteen packages of Pop Rocks that she won at the surprise pizza party we had for Loo tonight. And then she and Boo proceeded to eat all of them in the 12 minutes it took to get home from the party. It was pretty funny listening to them giggle, fizz, and pop in the back seat.

The birthday party for Loo was a complete surprise. We had it set up at a local "Chuck E. Cheese" type place, that is ever so much better. Great pizza, lots of games, go-carts, putt-putt, bumper get the idea. She was definitely caught off-guard. It was her 8th birthday. She got a 'real' camera (a Kodak digital), and she's been snapping pics non-stop all night!

To cap off her birthday weekend, she and her daddy are going to paint sunrise canvases in the morning before they go out to a breakfast date. :-D It will be a special time for a special daddy and daughter!

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  1. How sweet, daddy/daughter paint time sounds awesome!


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