Monday, May 2, 2011

Not a Super Saver

About a month or so back, the hubs and I happened upon the show "Extreme Couponing." I was wowed. Since Chris and I got married last summer, I feel like I contribute very little to our finances, other than negatively; in other words, I feel like I cost us more than I bring in. I know that I brought a fair bit of debt to our marriage, along with two (expensive) teenage girls, plus my own spending...but on top of those things, within the eight months that I have lived in Chris' house, we have had to replace the dishwasher, the washing machine, three faucets, the 'guts' of two toilets, the condenser and lines on an air conditioning unit, and finally, the hot water heater for the kitchen and laundry room. So, all of that said, I have always felt as though I do not do enough to contribute. When I saw this show, I thought...hmm...I could so do that. Now don't get me wrong, I don't want to be extreme about couponing, or anything for that matter. However, I would like to do it to the extent of making a difference in our necessary expenditures. I assumed it would be easy: a little clicky-clicky on the laptop and voila'! Coupon heaven. Not so. Then I thought, well, the local Sunday paper has coupon inserts. I will start snagging those. Except that for three weeks in a row, inserts were a no-go, so I wasted $2.25 THREE TIMES!!! Now, I won't lie...I did manage to get enough coupons off the 'net to save us about $100 on necessities last month...but this month has been a bust. SSSSOOOO, all of you lovely bloggers that know how to work this coupon bizz-nazz, please clue me in! I will be forever grateful!!!

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