Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easy Applique!!!

It is field trip time again in kindergarten. I always stress about losing one of them when we are in unknown territory, so a few years ago, I suggested using 'classroom shirts' for the students. For five years now, each of the kindergarten teachers in my building has chosen a color and tie-dyed shirts for the kiddos in her class. I am so over tie-dye. My mind was swirling with ideas of how to personalize t-shirts for my students without using tie-dye. I considered stamping, splatter-paint, plain solid shirts...and then I came across a terrific idea from my friend Poekitten at Many Waters. Applique. A bit intimidating, yes, especially since I have never attempted it...matter of fact, I have never even used iron-on (which I learned is called Wonder-Under, how cute is that?). Anyway, in the tutorial you will see that Poe used a blanket, which is definitely not a mini-sized t-shirt, but it worked out great just the same! Since she did such a fabulous job on the tutorial, I decided to just link up to her, rather than trying to do my own. If you want to see how to do easy-peasy lemon-squeezy applique (each shirt took me less than 10 minutes, that's how easy it is)...then click here...go it now, don't know you want to!

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