Sunday, April 3, 2011

Florist in the Making?

When we finished moving Lefty's furniture around after painting her room, it was determined that she needed a tall visual in a corner. I decided to try my hand at a floral arrangement. She and I did it, and it turned out pretty well. It isn't very clear in this photo, but you get the general idea. She chose the pieces (most of them), and Chris and I forced convinced her to select some filler florals as well.

After getting decent results from the wild creation of red sparkly metal, silver grasses, peacock feathers, and zebra striped carnations, Chris decided we needed a new arrangement for the kitchen table. He thought we could do it. I had recently purchased new table linens and plates that have some odd color combinations, so our former red and white arrangement would no longer work. The new colors are brown, turquoise, and olive green. The results???

To top it all off, the MIL visited today and insists that she was going to the local florist to have a spring arrangement commissioned for her dining room buffet table. She has decided not to go, that I will be making her this arrangement for Mother's Day. Hmm. I am not sure about this, but told her to get the vase she wants, and I will make a valiant attempt. She isn't going to help me choose the florals. Says it hurts her head and drives her crazy to have so many choices. Scary. How am I supposed to know what base colors to use??? Wish me luck!!! I will post pics of the MIL bouquet when the vase gets here!

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  1. I love it! I think it's gorgeous. I'm not very crafty but I do try on occasion to make things look cuter hahahaha this link is for the first flower arrangement I did. All fake flowers of course! Can't afford to buy the real ones and they usually die in my hands hahahaha


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