Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chris the Cook

This has been a hellish week...and it's only Tuesday. It is statewide standardized testing week at school, which is a biotch with kindergarteners. We are also having some issues at home with my precious girls, more details about that to come at a later time (once some things are resolved). Oh, and my favorite Aunt, Flo, is here. with. a. vengeance. Needless to say, I wanted to fix something quick and easy for dinner tonight, but alas...did not lay out any meat to thaw and we have depleted my stash of freezer meals. On a typical day, I get home at 4. Today, it was 6. Imagine my surprise when I smelled...pork chops...honey-glazed pineapple and peaches...stuffed mushrooms...all on the grill (which means minimal clean up). It looked something like this...

Since I did not cook these delectable treats, I can not give you the recipes. I can tell you though, that I love my husband! I shall have to remember to kiss the cook tonight!!!


  1. Hope your week gets better! Isn't it wonderful having a hubby that can cook? I love it!

  2. Boo for Aunt Flo! She's been wreaking havoc on my week too. Yay for a thoughtful hubby though!


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