Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day #2!!!

Well, it was another day at home today due to 'inclement' weather. I, for one, do not know why they call it 'inclement,' as I think it is more like 'incredible' weather! Unfortunately, today, it did not stick. We had a steady snowfall of the most beautiful fat flakes from 8 this morning until 2:30 this afternoon...the grassy areas and rooftops were lovely, but the roads just stayed a watery mess. The temperature hovered around 34 all day, with meteorologists saying it would begin to fall rapidly at any time. It didn't fall until the snow stopped and the sun came out, when it promptly dropped to 26. Boo.

I was hoping for another day at home tomorrow. Lefty isn't feeling well, and I don't like to entertain the half of my class that bothers to come the day after a snow day...especially on a Friday! My rural school runs bus routes on snowy-ish days, so only half of the kids come, making it pointless to teach just to reteach the next day when they do all show up.

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  1. You must be in the south! I had to laugh that you had a snow day for that little bit of snow. I enjoy snow days very much too, though I don't have the same problem of kids not showing up the next day. But I teach middle school, so I am sure their parents were ready to ship them back off to school. Which is fine with me cuz I love the crazy little hormone bundles!


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