Monday, November 29, 2010


There are some times in my life when I have felt as though I am being completely ignored by everyone around me. The past three days have been some of those times. It has seemed as if every time I open my mouth, nonsensical blabber must be coming out, because no one is understanding my meaning...or even hearing what I say. Maybe the noise is only in my head, and no sound is actually coming out of my mouth, which would explain why no one responds. Sigh.

Tomorrow my kinderbabies and I will embark on a monumental task: quiltmaking. We learned about quilts during our study on Pilgrims and as we worked on learning about the sound that the letter Qq makes. The students were very interested in using old pieces of torn clothing and scraps to make something new and useful, so I told them that if they could gather the supplies needed, we would make a quilt of our own and donate it to a needy family for Christmas. They were SO EXCITED!!! We gathered the supplies, laundered the scraps, trimmed the frayed edges, and are now ready to cut strips and sew. Yes, I said it: SEW...with kinderbabies...on a machine. My husband thinks that I am crazy for attempting it. I think it is adventurous. Time will tell. Pictures to follow. :-)

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