Saturday, October 30, 2010

Back to Blogging

Today begins a new day for me as a blogger. I really have no aspirations to be the most widely read blog; heck, I doubt anyone will be drawn in enough to linger here long...I just like to write. What will you read here? Who knows!?!?! More than likely it will be about my constant battles with weight, my desire to be a better me, a better educator, a better wife, a better mother...religious and political rants...well, maybe not so much political, but if I get started, watch out! So will it be interesting to the masses? Nada. Will it be a method of accountability and mode of tracking my own thoughts and personal growth? Oh yeah.

Tomorrow begins the diet. Yes, I said 'the diet.' This will be one of many...hopefully the last of many. It is time for a lifestyle change, and I can only improve myself a day at a time, so here goes. What better day to start a self-improvement endeavor than on Halloween, and what better area to start on than the one that I obsess over the most?

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