Sunday, March 12, 2017

Senior Moments

Y'all. I wasn't kidding when I said life has happened in the nearly three years that I was away from the blogging world. It really has. There've been so many things, many of them being senior moments. And I mean that in a couple of ways. Now, I'm by no means old enough to be having 'senior' moments of the elderly variety, but it seems as though I am having more and more. I forget things. Lots of things. I ache all over. Lots of aches. I indulge in 'old lady' pursuits more and more. However, these are not the senior moments I will write about today.

My babies have grown up.

Lefty graduated high school and moved off to college.
Her first job, at the local SnoCone stand.

She won numerous awards...Young Person of the Year, Arkansas Scholar, and All-State Cheerleader

She led her cheer squad to Nationals at Disney, separate post soon!

A few college visits

Colors Day Queen

Even did a little modeling



Temporary new home...OBU Frances Crawford Hall

Boo has two months left in her high school senior year.
Last event as a dance team member

Got an adorable new car

Went to prom with her then boyfriend (his prom)

Toured several colleges, accepting many scholarships along the way

Theatre became her main attraction, being named to All-State Cast in performance arts.

Colors Day Court

Senior pics
They are beautiful pieces of me. I can't believe that they are grown already. When I think of them, I picture them as this...


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