Saturday, January 7, 2017

Already Frustrated

It all started about a month ago, maybe a little before that. I am having a devil of a time getting pics from my phone onto any PC. It is extremely frustrating! I take tons of pictures for work and need to be able to upload them to a particular program that we use for tracking student progress. This year I was also asked to work in conjunction with a high school EAST student (technology geared class) to create a 'yearbook' of sorts for my littles. This too requires using pics, and LOTS of them. I also like to include pictures on my blog posts. All of these things are difficult to do WHEN YOU CAN'T ACCESS THE PICTURES THAT YOU TAKE!!! I got so frustrated after attempting to import them on three different computers, that I called the district technology guy to come help me. Guess what? He couldn't get it to work either. So finally, I think I have it figured out. Maybe. I downloaded the Microsoft OneDrive app to my phone and apparently that will automatically send the pics to my linked computer. So far, it is working, but it sure takes a hella long time when you can only upload ten per batch...

My 'tired of screwing with it' face

Until next time!

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