Sunday, December 8, 2013

Going Gray

or is it grey? I never know how to spell it, but however it should be spelled...I am doing it. Sadly. 35, and all of my new hair growth looks gray. It makes me a good mixture of sad and angry every.time.I.look in a mirror.

About 7 years ago, I started putting color on my hair. Naturally, I am a dark brown. Blah. I was red-headed as a child but it all darkened when I was a teenager. So, with my second divorce, I got a little wild and started slathering on the dye. Mostly, it has been chunked with three colors: straight bleach, mocha, and a very thin line of red. Heavy on the bleach usually.
This past couple of times at the salon, I did away with the bleach. I was just tired of it. And my poor hair. Oh, my poor hair was so damaged from it. I am two-toned (really red) on top, and mocha underneath. I LOVE it! Sadly, and shockingly, the dark hair shows roots (and those roots are, yep, gray) much faster than the blonder look did. Seriously, within three weeks, I see roots. With the blonde, I would go nearly 3 months before I HAD to touch up...I am 5 weeks out now and just look...
It bothers me so much that I have begun trying new hairstyles to hide it from myself. I guess it bothers me now because it isn't just roots I am is me trying to mask the fact that I'm no spring chicken anymore. Sigh. 

Don't get me wrong, I definitely needed to find some new ways to do the 'do. I have been very tired of the straight side part. It's been good for me to have to branch out and try new things. Thank God for YouTube tutorials!

All that taken into consideration, I do NOT think that blondes have more fun...they just have less to worry about! So, I will probably be adding a few streaks (very, very thin) of blonde back in around my face to better hide that little stressor that I don't need! This is one shade of gray that is not desirable!
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