Monday, March 18, 2013

It's Spring Break, Folks!

Spring Break. Music to a teacher's ears, body, spirit, and soul. Once it is here...and gone...the countdown to the end begins. At my house, it also is the chance to get things done. Anytime I have a break from work, it seems that I have fantastic and lofty intentions of getting everything ship-shape and in order for the hectic months ahead. My list of things to do this week is very long. Boo. I did get a good start on being productive Saturday, by working all day in the garden plot, but now Monday is halfway finished and I have done nothing  else on said list.

Something that I have spent a couple of hours working on today though that is not on my list is gathering coupons and making yet another list...a grocery list. YUCK! I hate grocery shopping. It seems like the shopping lists in this household never end. As soon as we go and get everything on our list, another is started. Anywho, I tried couponing a couple of years ago, and quite frankly, I sucked at it. I either forgot to have my coupons with me, or forgot that I had them at all. Also problematic for me with couponing was that our newspapers no longer include coupon inserts in the Sunday paper. Those crazy cool couponers from the extreme coupon shows manage to find stores that double coupon values, but alas, none of our local stores do. It seems like an operation in futility to me, but I will try anyway. If I can shave a few dollars a month from our necessity shopping bills, maybe I won't feel so guilty about them. I am heading out in a bit to do the first round of shopping with my newly clipped snippets of paper, and I will most definitely let you know how it goes!

Tomorrow, for Spring Break Day 2, I will have to do something productive in the morning, because I have an appointment that will take all afternoon. The reason for this appointment will be another post all on its own, so I will not go into detail yet, except to say that I hope Hubby goes with. I am excited beyond belief about it, and a little bit nervous too!
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