Saturday, March 2, 2013

Growing a Garden part 1

As I have mentioned a time or two before, I have gotten hooked on gardening. My first semi-successful attempt was last year, and it was a little bitty baby garden. It was a bit of therapy for me during a really dark time in my life. My garden brought me out into the sunlight every day. I would soak up the warmth of the sun as I worked in the dirt and gave new life to tiny seeds and seedlings. It helped me. a. lot.

Gardening was so good for my spirit, that we decided to grow it a little bigger for this year. Our kids enjoy working it with us, especially Boo and The Boy. They all love it when we prepare meals from food that we have grown ourselves. It is funny to see how much they like to monitor the growth and production from our little plot. It must be good for them too. The initial plan was to double it in size. I think the footprint that was made today ended up being about triple what it was last spring.

The plan that we had was to build up the area where the garden will sit, and to enclose it, as we have wild animals that enjoy our produce as much as we do. Since I have a weak back, we knew I would not be able to help build the structure that our plot would require. It is times like these that I am glad my teenage daughter has amazing guy friends! We recruited two of them (my favorite teenage boys in the entire world, I might add) to help Chris today. Neither one of them asked what we needed when asked to come help...they just said sure thing, and were here ALL DAY today. On a Saturday. And they worked their butts off. And asked if we need them to come back to help again. That's good kids. We did pay them. Oh, and I did cook lunch for them too.
Asian honey glazed baked chicken...yum!
Chris and the boys made a lot of headway today on the garden space. It looks awesome!
One load of dirt is not gonna cut it.
Getting started...
Unloading rail ties from the trailer.
I told those kids to bring their muscles!
They called to tell me that they are sore tonight :-)
Dixie loves the new place to explore!
 Hungry guys coming in for food...and a heater!

After lunch, the enclosure goes up!

Oh my stars! I am drooling over this already!
No thumbs were injured in the building of this structure

 How much help are these little girls?

My honey! I love this pic :-)
Checking where the ground is level with the base of the enclosure
 Cat roping was the half-time entertainment for the day.
(Aren't my red rubber boots just presh?)

A long day's work 

These girls were no help at all.

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