Monday, January 21, 2013


Excess = too much, overdone, indulgence, get the idea.

It is the way of the world. Especially here in America. Including me.

I don't realize that I overspend. It isn't something that I set out to do. I know I have used the term 'retail therapy' a few times, but I don't really go on sprees very often. Yet somehow, it happens. The credit card bill at the end of every month shows it. No, I am not the only one that uses the card, and no I do not use it only for superfluous purchases. But I still feel guilty every time money is mentioned.

The majority of my extra spending is on the girls. I know this. I have a very hard time telling them no. The first ten years of their lives was a constant no, and it sucked. They are teenage girls, and they are constantly requiring this or that. I say requiring...I am sure that they wouldn't perish from not having a majority of those 'requirements,' but I do want them to be well-dressed and able to participate in whatever they choose. It gets expensive.

The card is used for everything except bills. We use it for groceries and household spending, eating out, online purchases, and 'extras.' It adds up. Apparently for the year 2012, it was over $36K. That's my salary. On top of the card, there are always other financial obligations...bills, household repairs, medical responsibilities, taxes, insurances...and they all seem to be getting larger by the day. Just yesterday, our homeowner's insurance doubled because of our distance from a fire station. REALLY?!?! They are just taking that into consideration after 10 years?

So every time some financial surprise comes up, or Chris mentions the credit card bill, or when he is paying bills...I feel like he is angry with me. Like I am the reason that he has expenses. Like he would have no monetary concerns if not for me. Like I am a burden.

I saw someone's New Year's resolution on Facebook was to spend only what was necessary. To make purchases only if it was necessary. To stick to that 'Wal-Mart' list and not stray from it. It got me to thinking. How possible is that? Could I do it? Not if I take the kids with me! However, how hard would it be to only spend/purchase what was necessary, or a true requirement? I would like to try it.

So with all of this in mind, I have a few questions for you. I would really like to hear your thoughts. It seems this is an area that I need help with.
  • How do you budget your expenditures each month?
  • Do you take your kids shopping with you? (groceries/household items)
  • When do you indulge, and what do you indulge in/on?

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  1. New follower!

    Great blog! I really relate to that feeling of stress and guilt at spending money.

    To answer the questions: We do the bills together. 100%. We sit down together, discuss our expenses, what we spent, what we owe, and we decide together how bills will be done. It holds us both accountable. It has completely changed our finances.

    What also helps is budgeting spending cash. If we budget that, I don't feel so guilty about spending because that's what that money is for.

    We splurge on dinners out! We like to eat out. We don't eat out excessively but we like to do it a few times a month.

    I also splurge on beauty upkeep like nails and hair. Those are my extras.

    Now you know all of all about me! (Kind of)

    1. I also had followed your blog from the Bloggy Moms hop, just didn't have a chance to say hey! We do not budget or do anything together with our money. He does all of the finances...I have a weekly cash allowance for randoms and the card for everything else. We do definitely eat out way too much. It is so hard to prepare meals at home and sit and eat them and clean up after with the schedules our kids keep us on.

      Thanks for responding to my thoughts. It always helps to see another person's point of view. :-)

  2. Money is always one of those things that makes me tense to talk about with the hubs. And we do the budget together. It just feels weird since he tends to make the money and I tend to spend it :)

    1. Carrie, that is exactly how I feel. We don't budget together though. I just know that I feel like my financial contribution is nil...and that I spend like whoa. Thanks for visiting! :-)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for the nomination. We used to have those tense conversations about finances. I am a nurse and my husband is an engineer, we make a very good income, but at the end of the month we would look at each other and say you must be spending all the money. I like to dote on my children as well and that could get me in trouble. A few years ago I started couponing. This has been wonderful for my family. It made me look closer at my finances. I still buy things for my girls, but I use coupons and deals. I am happy to say we have no credit card debt or car payments and we have a little savings account. Hope this helps a little.

    1. Hi Crishelle! We also make a comfortable income, and we never have to go without. I guess I just internalize so much and am so aware (after the fact)...or maybe just too sensitive!?!? I tried couponing a couple of years ago, and it didn't go great for me. I had a hard time finding coupons that I could use locally. I would love to be able to do it though. We also are car payment and credit card debt free (we do pay the card off each month), it's just that the bill is so high!


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