Thursday, December 22, 2011

Is Your Blog Making You FAT?!?!

Mine is certainly contributing to the ever-increasing size of my waistline. I know that I don't blog nearly as much as some of you do, but I do spend too much time sitting in my chair with my laptop in place, eyeballs actively searching and fingers tip-tapping away at the keys. If typing and reading could only burn calories and fat, I'd be set! I was actually worried about being on Christmas break this year. What?!?! Yep. Worried that I would sit in my chair and waste the precious time off getting nothing but blogging and searching accomplished. It is with a vast amount of pride that I can say...not so! Hubs and I actually joined a gym last week, so I have gone there every day this week. I have also done a considerable amount of crafting with my lastest love...deco mesh.

I tried to find some articles to see what research has been done regarding internet usage and adult 'obesity,' but was mostly only able to find articles about childhood obesity. Oh, bother. I don't have fat kids, I have a fat ass. No matter if there has been research or not, I have to quit getting on here after dinner and sitting for hours on end. It can't be good for me. So, that being said, I will have to find a better time to blog, or get faster at writing posts! I do love to schedule posts, but that takes me hours. How much time do you 'leisure bloggers' spend online? Where do you find a balance?

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