Sunday, October 23, 2011

Quilting 101 Over and Done!

Saturday brought the last day of quilting class to my Mom and I. It was a bit of a catch-all on how to finish up a quilt project. We learned how to do sashing between rows; how to make binding and bind a finished quilt; how to lay out a quilt pattern on the quilt top (actual quilting, not piecing); how to stretch and baste the layers of the quilt; and we met a local professional quilter (check out her blog here) in case we would like to send our projects to her for machine quilting rather than hand-quilting them ourselves. It was a very involved and quick class. I hope I remember half of the things we went over! This is the sampler that I put together during our last four hours together for practice. Now I just have to sit down and practice, because I think I would like to hand-quilt a few small pieces. However, I may not be able to make consistent enough stitches, so we shall see!

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