Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My How Things Change!

When I was 13, I visited Epcot for the first time. I was there again at age 17 and 24. This time, with older children, I was able to see the many ways the park has changed over the course of 20 years. Epcot is where we spent Day 2 of our fantastic family vacation.

"Mine, Mine, Mine"...these birds weren't there before!

One of the exhibits that I enjoyed the most of the entire trip was Living with the Land, or more specifically the Disney gardens. They have grown some amazing vegetation...some that I love to eat, but have never seen growing before. Since I grew up around gardens, it was amazing to me to see how they grow!

Fluted pumpkin...what the heck is that?

9 pound lemon...no, really...that's it's name.

Brussel sprouts! I love these guys!
We saw Chip and Dale and Snow White in Epcot too!

The storm clouds rolled in while we toured the World Showcase...

 So we detoured to Italy for lunch. Yum!

Hubs and the kiddos rode Spaceship Earth, Maelstorm, Mission Space, and Test Track. I don't ride many (hardly any) rides, due to a back surgery four years ago. I probably would ride anyway, because I am a giant human chicken! I did ride Soarin' though...and it made me super dizzy! All in all, Epcot was a great park to start our Disney experience with. Maybe this will put it in perspective...

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  1. That pumpkin is awesome! I never knew how brussel sprouts grow either - very interesting.


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