Saturday, May 21, 2011


Yah, so I know that may not be a real word, but it completely describes the week that I have had. So hecticity is my word of the week. There are two weeks left in school, and that means utter crazy-ness.

Monday:  The Boy played ball. He and Loo live 45 minutes away, so going to their events is an all-night deal. Lefty didn't feel well, so she stayed home.

Tuesday: field trip. The babies wore the Easy Applique shirts I made for them, and were uber cute! Chris had to head to another ball game as soon as we got home, so Lefty and I went to dinner.

Wednesday: end of year testing. Boo. All of my students showed at least 11 point gains in Literacy and Math...woo hoo!!!

Thursday: water field day = sunburn. Ouch!!! Lefty spent the night at a friend's house to prepare outfits for her field day. Boo also went to a friend's house to finish their dodgeball team shirts. Dinner out again...sushi!

Friday: The Boy and Loo came for their weekend with us. Dinner out!

Saturday: Boo's dance recital! Dress rehearsals from 1-3:15...performance from 6:30-8:30. She is the star of the show...and that isn't just her momma saying's truth!

Oh, and I forgot to mention that next week is our kindergarten graduation, so we had to work in practices every day last week for that. Sorry there are no pictures for this post...but, can you say...hecticity?!?!

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  1. That is very hecticity--we had law school graduation this past weekend and it was also very hectic but fun :) Here's hoping things slow down!


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