Monday, May 30, 2011

The Chateau :-)

was beautiful. The view as we rounded the side of the mountain took my breath away...

The Chateau has a Spa (which we didn't visit, due to the shortness of our trip, but we intend to spend some time there on the next little getaway)...and really, the only complaint either of us had about the Chateau was that we could have used Spa therapy after the noisy night we spent in our room...NOT the fun kind of noise either! Every sound from the rooms adjacent to each other could be heard; every time someone rolled over in bed, scooted a chair across the floor, farted, sneezed, pee'd, showered, or even spoke...we heard it. Job security for the Spa employees, eh?

Waiting for us when we got in our room was chocolate covered strawberries and champagne! We drank a glass, laughed, loved...had a wonderful, much needed time together.

Chris had reserved a lake view room, so we were able to look out at Table Rock Lake from our balcony...

Other incredible views include...

The retail therapy was a fun added bonus (new Coach bag, need I say more???)!!!

The lobby of the Chateau was appropriately, simply, and beautifully decorated for Memorial Day. There are few things as gorgeous as an American Flag. Thank you Veterans; past, present, and future.

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