Saturday, April 23, 2011

Egg-stra Fun!

Around my house, Easter weekend usually consists of mad rushing around to get children to and from the Easter producation at church. It is a weeklong ordeal that has many practices preceding the four performances during the week before Easter Sunday. This year, I said no. Between being involved with the play, all of the activities that go on in the spring at my school and both girls' schools, and travelling an hour twice a week to see The Boy and Loo...we haven't got time to breathe and needed to cut something somewhere. The only thing negotiable was the play. It has been soooo nice not to have to juggle every day chaos with running back and forth to church rehearsals three or four nights a week for the last month. Instead, our family was able to peacefully enjoy a relaxed weekend of.....

As you can see, this year Easter weekend has included coloring four dozen eggs, making cookies and potato salad, an impromtu mini-egg hunt for my toddler nephew, a birthday party for my cousin's kiddos, and numerous egg hunts in the yard (till dark tonight). For Easter Sunday, we will take the babies to church in our Sunday best (pics will definitely be coming tomorrow), followed by lunch with the in-laws (thus the reason for making the potato salad and cookies today).

The kids and the cousins


  1. What a cute Easter! I seriously loved decorating eggs when I was kid - glad you did so and did an Easter egg hunt as well! Sounds like you all had a fun weekend! Have a great rest of your Easter!

  2. Great Great shots! Have a wonderful week :)


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