Monday, March 14, 2011

This Tongue's For You!

Have you ever noticed how sometimes when sitting at a stop sign or light, the expressions on people's faces as they pass by? It always cracks me up when I see someone rockin' so hard to an upbeat song that their car shakes! Once I even saw a man hit his passenger (with a closed fist) so hard that her face bounced off of the window. It scared me, and since we were on the access ramp to the interstate, I called 911 and turned in their plate number.

Yesterday, I was sitting at a stop sign indulging in the yummy goodness of a Cadbury creme egg while I waited for traffic, when a lady in a mini-van turned onto the road. She looked at me with a look of pure disgust. Now...I have no clue who this woman was...had never seen her before in my life, so I have no idea what the heck-fire I did to earn such a look, but what I really wanted to do was...

Or better yet...


  1. She was probably jealous that she didn't have a Cadbury egg to enjoy!

  2. That was exactly my way of thinking!!! She should get her own, instead of covetting mine!


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