Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh So Stylish!

This morning rewarded me with two lovely surprises: the sun was shining, and a new friend from an online book club gifted me with this lovely award! Thank you so much to Elephants & Rainboots for my very first blog award! It put a smile on my face bright and early this morning.

The rules are to:
1. thank the person who tagged you and link back to their blog
2. share 7 random facts
3. share the blog love!

Okay, so 7 randoms about me...let's see...

1. I am terrified of frogs. See explanatory post here.

2. I took 13 years of piano lessons, and am still completely unable to play a tune.

3. My side of the bed boasts 3 pillows just for me. One for behind my back, one between my knees, and the bestest best one under my head. (I have back issues and require the extra support)

4. My favorite meal is veal parmagiana with a dessert of tiramisu. We once drove to a neighboring state when I had had a bad day, just to get this meal on a Monday (apparently all Italian restaurants in Arkansas are closed on Mondays).

5. My secret passion is doing 'old-lady crafts.' I cross-stitch, crochet, and sew. I have even been known to make homemade candles.

6. When I was 14, I had a pet chicken. It had fallen out of a Tyson truck, so I made my mom pull over to the side of the road. I raced out onto the highway, snagged the baby chick up and took it home. I nursed it back to health and when it could 'fly' out of its box, we gave it to the neighbors (they had a chicken coop). I think they ate it.

7. I met my husband through Eharmony said I was unmatchable.

Here are the fantabulous bloggers that I am passing this award on to:

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  1. Congratulations on the award! And I love your random facts, especially number 6.

    Visiting from FTLOB Weekend Wander. Hope you have a fantastic Saturday!


  2. Thanks for the award Jeri-Lynne! Yesterday was a bad day and it put a smile on my face :)

  3. I'm giving you your second award, the One Lovely Blog award because I really like your blog. Do check it out on my blog, Thanks!

  4. YAY!!! Thank you! I'm going to have to do a post this week about awards. :) What a fun joyful moment. HUGS to you!


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