Friday, March 18, 2011

Beauty Queens and Dirty Feet

My Joyful Moment...

Boo, my twelve-year old, is my little ray of sunshine. She always has a random moment ready to bring smiles to faces all around her. Boo loves pageants...more explicitly, she loves competing in pageants. When she was 10, I finally agreed to let her compete in her first one. She placed 1st runner up in her division, and she was sold. From that day forward, she lived and breathed sequins and shoes and reverse T formations. I made sure that Boo knew that as long as she had fun, we were in...when it became not fun anymore or over-whelming for any of us in the family, we were done. We were so not going to be candidates for "Toddlers and Tiaras."

That being said, she preceded to win seven overall crowns, numerous minor titles (prettiest smile in every pageant), and 1st runner up twice more over the next 18 months. She was in a total of ten pageants. Not a bad track record. While I am proud of the titles and crowns, I am very proud of the confidence that she gained. Now, Boo orders her own food, talks to people she is unfamiliar with, and performs in front of audiences. She had the only solo in her dance troupe performance this year. On top of it all, I am most proud that Boo did not let it all go to her head. She still acts goofy and random much of the time, and that little beauty queen won't hesitate to get down and dirty!


  1. Now that's how pageants should be done! The people on Toddlers and Tiaras are another example of why parenting should be licensed.

  2. I completely agree, ixy! We only do them as she wants (which is often more than I want). She has had two true pageant gowns; one she wore until we couldn't let it out anymore, and one that she asked for for her 11th birthday. She helps pay for new jewelry, makeup, and portfolio shots from her allowance and winnings. She knows that it is a privilege to be able to do them, and that she wins with an overall package: looks, personality, and speaking ability...and all of that includes the way people perceive her. She told me that someone was making fun of pageant girls, and she told them that pageants aren't just about being pretty...they have taught her lots of things, like how to walk gracefully and speak in public, and to smile when all you want to do is cry. Then she told them that they should try one before they dissed one. She's a keeper.

  3. Stopping by from FTLOB! I love that you call your daughter Boo! My grandma calls me and my mom that so it made me love your blog instantly! I completely agree that pageants should not be crazy....they should be fun and as non-competitive as possible. (obviously they have to be a little but not so much as to scar the little ones for life) Can't wait to hear more!

  4. I love how the Pageants are for fun! What a great learning and teaching experience!! Enjoying your blog!!!


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