Saturday, February 26, 2011

Put On Those Dancin' Shoes!

Today, I felt old. My daughter went to her first formal school dance. At. The. High. School. She is an 8th grader. This particular dance is the Sweetheart Dance, which is sponsored by the band. As I have mentioned before, Lefty is an avid band member. It is the only high school dance during the year that Jr. High students are allowed to attend. Thank God. I am guessing that there will be several testosterone-driven beings calling my house after they get an eyeful of this...

Needless to say, the day was spent in preparation for the big night. She had her nails done, got her hair did, shoe shopped (she's got amazing shoe taste already...a growing obsession, it seems), and primped...she got her first corsage, which we will have to dry...then, he took her to dinner before the dance. Knowing Lefty, she did not come out of dinner unscathed. She still eats like a 4 year old, perpetually having food remaining somewhere on her face, hands, arms, or clothing when the meal is over. Hopefully, she ate as grown up as she looked tonight. It was hard for me to let her go with the boyfriend. Don't get me wrong; his mom drove them. Neither of them is 16 yet, and I wouldn't let her ride with him if he she is not ready for that at all.

Before they left, the little girls were dying to have their picture made with made-up Lefty. So, unfortunately, I am not finished with first dances and dinners...there are two left to go!

She may look all grown up, but at heart she will always be fun-loving Lefty. 


  1. I know, right? When I went to formals, we wore long form-fitting sparkly gowns. She has a ballgown that is very Cinderella looking, but she wouldn't wear it for this occasion. She said that no one else would be wearing long dresses, and besides she might trip on it and break her neck. Haha! She was right though; all of the other girls had dresses as short as (or shorter than) hers. It didn't seem quite right to me!

  2. I look at your daughter and think about mine in a few short years!! I'm not so sure how I'll be when she goes to her first big dance. Great site you havee I'll be following you.


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